10 September 2012

and then i professed my love for two strangers.

scene: this morning.

i wake up to the sound of my doorbell ringing.  i answer the door, bed-head and half-opened eyes and everything, and there are two women standing outside.  they inform me that they're from a local ministry and give me a message about women and how God really does love women in spite of different practices of different religions that suggest otherwise.  they hand me their materials, ask me if i have a bible, thank me for opening my door, and go off on their way with bigger smiles than i expected to see on a monday morning.

i return to my bedroom, check what time it is, and discover i have slept through not one, but both of my institute classes.  thanks a lot, alarm clock!

but instead of being annoyed like i felt i had the right to be, i thought about what had just happened to me.

two women, complete strangers, came to my door and told me that i don't have to be oppressed by society or any of the constructs that try to hinder me.  they told me that women really are important and have a place in the world.  they told me that God loves me.  and then they thanked me multiple times for opening my door to hear them.

i believe that there are meaningful consequences to everything.  even malfunctioning alarm clocks.
i believe, and have always believed, what these two beautiful women taught me this morning is true.
i believe that God loves all of his missionaries who sincerely love Him and want to bring good to the world.
i believe you can love strangers so deeply, just like Christ.
and i believe it is this Christ-like love that ensures those people weren't in your life for only three minutes, but they are in your life for so much longer than that.

i'm glad that my door was not another unopened one for these women.

if you'd like the gist of what they taught me this morning, you can basically find it all in this video.

happy monday.  i'm feeling very grateful.

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