03 August 2012

the targets is tricky.

what's the point of august if you don't have school to get ready for?  sheesh, this is weird.  oh, and these back-to-school commercials are painful!  those new, still-tight, dark wash denims that i get to buy every august?  ohhhhh man, that's proving to be a hard tradition to leave behind.

while we're on the subject... these target commercials for back-to-school stuff?  you know the ones?  they parody 80's pop hits.  last week i was watching kids on the television dancing to these songs with their backpacks and pencils thinking  um, hello targets?  those kids don't know these songs.  do you know who your audience is?

and then i realized, duh.  of course they do.  they're selling to the parents.  they're the ones buying the stuff after all, ya dummy.

it got me thinking.  what will the target commercials be like in ten or twenty years, when i'm the target (ha!) audience?  i think i could probably get by without getting hooked too hard...

but maybe not.

if they play (you drive me) crazy and feature a cowbell and everything?
or do a rainbow-themed commercial reminiscent of lisa frank folders?
or bring back jelly shoes and sell matching adult and children sets?
shoot, i'm sunk.

i'm on to you targets.  i see the game you're playing!  i will not be a slave to your advertisings!


  1. Fine Young Cannibals! It cracks me up you liked that.

    1. actually i was thinking of britney... but okay!