15 August 2012

take that, excessive heat warning!

every time i leave town for something, i always hope that while i'm gone all of the broken roads that are a pain to drive on will be fixed before i get back. (ha)  i also hope that my plants won't die (ha) and that some anonymous benefactor has sent me a check for five thousand dollars and it's waiting for me in my mailbox. (ha)

and of course, i hope that the weather in the valley is never better than the weather in whatever location i find myself while i am gone.


pennsylvania was wonderfully cool and not bonkers-humid.
and it was green.  holy moly, it was green.

you guys, green is such an underrated color.

anyway, now it's over and i have less than twenty-four hours before we do another week of family reunion... only this time i'm hosting.  translation: i've got a house to clean.

in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what went on this last week:

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