20 August 2012

lights at longwood.

back in the pa, one day was set aside for eating up the amish goods and visiting some gardens.  i won't bore you with pictures of the same things again, but i will say this: that country is way better in the summer/green time than in the winter.

we mostly were looking forward to visiting longwood gardens.  it's this place with over one thousand acres of pretty.  i mean, you've gotta see this place in the springtime when all of the flowers are in bloom, it's really overwhelming.  OR, you can visit the place during christmas time when the place is all lit up and christmas-festive at night.

it was neither spring nor christmas when johann and i went, but we wanted to see this special exhibit that's going on there right now called "lights."  holy wow, it was so bonkers-cool that i mostly didn't even care that i was being chomped on by mosquitoes in "the forest of light."

you guys, i think i want to be a light artist.

you can learn more about bruce munro, the artist who created these installations right here.  i bet he has the coolest decorated house in the world.

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