23 August 2012

i can't tell if this is stupid naricissism or narcissistic stupidity.

...and is there even a difference between those two things?  who knows.

so, on more than one occasion señor juan has been compared to the daniel craig.  obviously i'm totally okay with this because that man knows how to let people dress him in nice tuxedos, and he plays a character in movies who will fix his cuff links right after jumping out of a plane or killing someone and it's very intriguing but who the heck does that anyway???

my agreeableness increases hugely if i get to be eva green.  because let's face it, she is majorly hot.

but, in giving him the option between these two and another pairing, he picked the second.  and i'm okay with this, too:

i mean, come on.  look at those arms.  and my catsuit !

anyway, after that i got a little carried away on the googles.  and i decided we could be these people, too:

i believe the phrase is, too hot to handle.

i'm willing to accept the fact that some people just don't need photoshop, and they already look like the prettiest, handsomest, dreamiest famous people you've ever known.  maybe it's time you do the same?? life is sure more fun that way.  (and maybe slightly more delusional.)


  1. Love it!! You two look terrific!! And you know I don't lie about what I think.