01 August 2012

gee, do they still make wooden christmas trees??

i knew back in june that i wanted to have a christmas in july.

and gift-wise, i definitely had one!

but what's christmas without a tree?  i wanted one really badly, and i wanted it to be as good as our december tree.

remember godric??  oh, he was a glorious old tree!!  i loved him so much, i kept him longer than i probably should have.  he was so dry and parched by mid-january, and when i took him down, he went out with a fight.  a sharp, prickly fight.

but what to do for a july tree?

well, jon and i built one.

sort of... i was bossy and told jon what i wanted, and then he did the fancy computer stuff i don't know about.  so really, he built it.  i just helped stain it and assemble it at the very end.

not bad, eh??  i'm totally in love with it, it's our own little charlie brown tree!!

merry christmas-in-july to you all!

(the cb tree stayed up until christmas.)


  1. I LOVE it! It is so pretty! Good job, Jon!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Wow, that is an awesome tree...I didn't know Jon Bob could build trees....I knew about airplanes, but trees? I need to read your blog more often, I learn all kinds of things.
    Mom....(Jon's Mom that is:)

    1. he could build one for you, he was saying that you'd probably like one!