21 August 2012

and now i riddle you with pictures of airplanes.

the udvar-hazy air and space museum.  have you been to it?  shoot, it's cool!  there are planes there.  lots of them.  big ones, and small-but-still big ones, and movie-star ones, and ones that look like toys from a certain angle, and old ones, and ones that helped kill people, and bonkers-fast ones.

and there was a space shuttle there, too.  the discovery.  maybe you heard about it a few months ago? spaceships are cool, and until i visited this one the closest i had ever been to being near a spaceship was at airport security in their whirring body scanners.

they also had satellites hanging around the hangar.  i think they're kind of funny, because they sort of look like a fifth grader's science project when you see them.  some of them just look like tin foil and cellophane taped together onto sticks.

and they had coolio spacesuits for kids that i reeeeeeally wanted!  i was seriously dying for one of these.

we started out doing this tour, and we learned a lot of cool things from our tour guide.  i decided that being a tour guide would be a totally fun job if you could give tours at a museum featuring something you really love.  maybe jon will be a tour guide here someday.  as for me, i'll be a tour guide at candyland.  you know, after i invent the place.

anyway, our guide told a lot of cool stories, like single fighter planes taking out forty enemy planes, a boeing 707 doing a barrel roll, and early airplane engineers trying over and over again to be successful until the day they died.  they made me think about the things that people will actually do because of something that they really love or genuinely care about perfecting or making good.  obviously i don't know much about flying planes or making planes. but i know how much it stinks to have to repair a baby plane a million times, and how maddeningly hard it is sometimes to try to make words and ideas work together in a story, and the crazy amount of patience it takes to watch and help people grow to be better and happier.  and in that teeny tiny small way i feel like i know what it's like to build a plane or sell a plane or defend a country.  it's all about caring for and being invested in something and seeing it through to the end until it's perfect.  or something like that.

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