06 August 2012

and don't forget, we know the way back home.

HOLY HOT, DUDES.  it is stupid warm outside!  this heat will make you do silly things, like almost pass out, vow to never buy a car with that sweet-smelling, buttery leather interior, and get really intimate with the a car's a/c system.

quick story: one super hot day last week i was getting into jon's car and i got in at a particular angle that shot a blast of cold a/c air right now the front of my shirt.  i learned quickly from that, and well, i shamelessly spent a good portion of that car ride leaning forward into that air vent saying risque things like oooooh yeah, down the shirt, down the shirt and shouting no peep shows! at jon.

quite the low point, if you ask me.

so, i'm taking off!  to the east coast - the land of the free and home of the brave that it is, where the folks got sharp tongues, roads that are hilly and loopy run plentiful, and sprinkles are called jimmies.  (true story, that last one.)  i'm hoping it's not as hot and sticky there as i remember (fear) it to be.  but at this point, anything below ninety sounds superb, even if it's accompanied by a million percent humidity.

i'm really excited to see my family and to visit some of my favorite places, but ESPECIALLY i am excited to "special occasion" my way through a ton of food.  i've been just short of starving myself this last week in a lame attempt to fight off potential future-food-guilt, and i am ready to eat everything.

oh yeah.  and while i'm there, we're going to marry off these two:

happy august!

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