29 July 2012

so, about that ceremony thing.

some things that stuck out to me:

1. giant freaky baby head.
2. annoying queen who looks as though she hates life.
3. every single one of those athletes was also good-looking.  fair?
4. the tree of life... anyone else catch that?  anyone???

anyway, they were cool and everything.  you know, it's the olympics.  cool and everything.

i'm actually not super into the olympics.  does that mean i'm culturally lacking?

it's just different from normal sports.  the thing i love about watching or following a sports team is the commitment involved.  picking a team, watching all of their games, seeing them lose and then being with them the next game or season or era when they win again.  i love all of that.  it's hard for me to get that from the olympics.  they're like the one-night-stand of sports.  or something?

also, the parade of athletes?  nearly unbearable.  this is what crazy, break-out-your-sister's-stored-television ideas are for: to help short-attention-span-opening-ceremony-watchers.

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