02 July 2012

mayor bloomberg, please do not come to my house!

so yesterday, it turned july?

yeah, i was surprised too.  it snuck up like... something really sneaky.

anyway, the beginning of july means half-year resolutions for me... which i'm normally excited about, but this time i kind of feel like i need to will myself to make a list.  not a good sign.

anywhoosies, coming up with resolutions is my main goal this week.  report shall come when they've all been devised.

in the meantime, here's an idea of what needs to be a definite number one on the resolutions list.  enter, an excerpt from an email i sent to jon last week:

...i'm trying to be better about what i'm buying at the grocery store.  because if i buy it, then i eat it.  and well, i used to be REALLY GOOD at grocery shopping and only getting what i needed and what was both cost effective and semi-healthy.  i'm trying to get back to that... kind of, pre-dating-jon routine?? (i'm not blaming you for anything by the way... but you are the one who informed me of the difference.)

anyway, part of the pre-dating-jon routine was this: on special occasions, indulging is okay.  you know, soda and junk food at parties are okay because parties don't happen all the time.  and other things like that.

well.  i bring this up to now inform you of two important facts.

one.  next week is the fourth of july.  it's one of the most important holidays in my book because there are fireworks.  the fireworks alone qualify it as a special occasion, but it also has the fact that it's our nation's birthday backing that claim up, too.

two. sunflower market has blue bell ice cream on major sale for 3.99.

questions: do i have to wait a while and prove that i am really changing my ways before i can partake in the indulge portion of the pre-dating-jon routine??  or can i legally buy that ice cream according to the laws of this routine right now because it is part of the routine, and i am really taking it up again?

i called this situation, "a pickle."

the good part of me was really hoping that he'd tell me no.  that we've gone through soooooo much ice cream these last months, and we're just going to finish what we've got and be done with it for a while.

but of course, he came through with this response:

For 3.99 buy ALL THE ICE CREAM!!

in saying that haven't (yet?) taken advantage of that major sale, i'd like to suggest without any guilt on my part whatsoever that you should be proud of me.

only, i can't.
because although we didn't go to sunflower, we definitely went to fry's.

and, in addition to getting six individual .88 cups of ice cream flavors we wanted to try out, we did this:

we're not bad people, i swear!!!


  1. I LOVE Blubell, but will only let myself buy it on major sale. Whenever that happens Scott freaks out and makes us buy at least 4 containers. I probably shouldn't tell him about this one.

    1. haha, i like the way scott thinks!!

  2. Is Blue Bell's better than Turkey Hill? I've been stocking up at $1.99/half gallon. Any flavors you guys want for August?

    1. blue bell is the best, as everyone who's ever had it will likely tell you. i put off trying it as long as i could to avoid tempting situations like this. you realize three years is an accomplishment once you've tried it.

      and i miss the 1.99 and 1.88 ice cream sales! ice cream here is soooo expensive.

  3. kristin.. you must come to the blue bell factory with me in texas and see where all the magic begins! plus there are a ga-zillion flavors in that wonderful state. oh and for the soda pop.. i just gotta say WOWZERS! hahahaha