10 July 2012

in which i directly address fedex and nikon and gripe about how they aren't serving me well enough.

does it ever happen to you where you anticipate a package delivery of some sort, and you plan your day around its arrival?  like, all of a sudden you can't do things like go to the grocery store or take a shower because with your luck that's right when the delivery guy will come, and then you'll miss him and get that annoying sorry we missed you! sign on your door.

yeah, i've been playing that game.  since thursday. (that is to say, i've been waiting and planning my days since thursday.  i have showered and grocery shopped.)

fedex can't count, i guess?  they skip 3-5 and end up at six.  and apparently, it takes them an entire week to get a package from connecticut to arizona.  fedex, do you know what century we live in?  you could have put it on a plane, there was no need to pony express it up here.

but really, it's coming today!  it is a shiny, new, fancy camera, courtesy of the parentals, and golly i'm excited to have a real camera again.  i love the iphone, but you know.  the real stuff is fun, too.

and once again, mother goose has found a smokin' deal and can add this camera bundle bargain she found to her resume of deals and steals.  she and i both will forever recount the legend of her 60 dollar grocery bill that only cost 19 cents, and i will forever brag about paying it.

anyway, back to real camera life for me!  and i'm kind of nervous...?  i've been reading up on this baby and briefly glancing at other models and i've learned cameras do all kinds of crazy things now.  they're downright intimidating.  and maybe ridiculous?  i mean, c'mon nikon.  did your new cameras really need 24 and 36 megapixels?  next time you upgrade a camera body, consider instead developing a 50mm dx lens, if you please.

good grief, i'm spoiled.  can't be pleased.

but really, i'm very grateful to my parents for this huge present.  they are the best! (and i promise i won't sell this!)

and i am in no way saying that the quality of pictures posted on this here blog will increase.  but the quantity will maybe increase?  you have my parents to thank (or blame) for that.

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