23 July 2012

i'm a real mormon!

at least, that's what it feels like - like i've been schooled by real, hardcore members of the church and i've just been a silly little wannabe for twenty-some years.

i took last week off (from what, who knows) and escaped to saint johns to party it up pioneer-day-style.

confession: i didn't really know that people actually celebrated pioneer day...??  what i previously knew of pioneer day stemmed from one incredibly lame stake activity (much like allllll the stake activities), and i think the good people of the valley forge pennsylvania stake learned never to do that again.

but apparently, pioneer day is real thing.  (i've even heard rumors that in utah it's like an official holiday or something - with post offices shut down and everything... is this for real?)  and it's celebrated by the people of utah and some other states' towns like saint johns which were settled by mormon pioneers.

saint johns is a magical place where it feels like you're stopped in time and the rest of the world rolls on doing its normal thing.  this is partly because i never feel like i'm in real life when i'm there and partly because i almost always totally shut myself out of my regular technology portals.  i excuse myself from unnecessary internet use, and my phone is basically unusable for actual phone functions so no one can call me.  it.is.great.  also, it has been decided that the clouds and lightning there are quite spectacular.  maybe even a little show-offy.

anywayyyy, now i'm officially in the real mormons club.  right on.
(seriously though, are there any other mormon holidays i don't know about??)

and now, back to real life.  hot life.  less-than-awesome life.

(postscript: "real" word count: seven, including "really."  oops.)

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