04 July 2012

i love you, but you have no idea what you are talking about.

walk four hundred yards due north from your house to the dirt path which has not got any name on it.  turn right and follow to the end.  i will meet you in the meadow.

so the truth is, it was a highly un-festive fourth here.  the closest i got to being patriotic was watching ldrey's music video for national anthem.  and even now i feel a little blasphemous for even suggesting that video or song is in any way patriotic or a good way of celebrating freedom and liberty.

i didn't even eat a burger for pete's sake.

but let me tell you one thing i did do.

moonrise kingdom.
have you seen it yet?

it's one of those things that reaffirmed everything that i ever imagined as a child as being good and wonderful things to dream about happening to me.  and that doesn't happen very often... my imagination was wild.  this movie made me wish that it still is.

the setting was beautiful, and the emotion displayed through deadpan, of all things, was strong and dramatic.  and the characters!  i loved suzy.  i loved her crooked eyes and her sunday-school shoes and the significance she gave to her binoculars.  and the sincerity of all the adults throughout the movie was wonderful.  especially edward norton. (jiminy cricket, he flew the coop!)

and the dialogue.  oh, all of the writing!!  i think my favorite line was what sam said to suzy concerning his mother's pearl brooch.  it was something along the lines of i don't think it's meant for a male to wear, but i don't give a damn.  my heart stopped.  i think it might be the most romantic thing spoken in that whole film.


in my writing classes, wes anderson came up a few times.  a fabulist, i believe we called him.  i haven't seen most of his films on account of their r-rated-ness, but i've seen all the ones i can.  and i think if we'd been able to be in a writing class together, i would have done anything to make him like me so we could be friends.  i loved the blatant this is just a story quality of the movie and how it sort of turns its back on realism and says forget this, i'm telling a better story than you.  i would have done a lot of desperate things to be able to do something like that in my work.

see this movie if you want to feel inspired and you think a movie that looks like a polaroid with a few uniquely framed shots appeals to you.

and if you go somewhere like i did, the theater will not be ridden with hipsters, just an overwhelming number of retired folks.  who'd've thunk?


anyway, hope your fourth was a good one.  let freedom ring, life liberty and happiness, the regulars are coming, we the people, my country tis of thee!  and all of that!

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