04 June 2012

ww: day three.

so, on this day we did the right hike.  it was a workout, for sure, but jason and jon kept their minds focused on quadrotors and technology and future business ventures that will earn them billions one day.  gary likely had a song or two brewing in his head.  and me?  well, i sang motivating songs in my head, tried to think of interesting stories to write, and also thought of what i'd do if we got to the top of the mountain and met up with one, deceptive, old man.

the day before, when we were hiking on the wrong trail, we saw an old man with his dog.  his dog was quite dashing (though not so social), and he (the man) seemed very nice.  we told him that we were heading for emerald lake, and i think he mentioned something about being there before.  when he left us he said goodbye and that maybe he'd see us there.  there, as in, at the lake.  at the top of the mountain.  a short while later, the man and his dog were turned around, and they went back the direction that we came.

well what the heck!  did he know that we were on the wrong trail?  and did he not tell us we were mixed up on purpose?  what a mean man!!

the truth is, he was probably very nice.  and we didn't see him up at the lake, so i can't be sure of any deception.  i think it's more accurate to say that while i was upset about the way that day two went a little badly, i wanted to blame someone for it.  and it was just easiest to blame someone i didn't know at all.  you know, as opposed to being angry with any one of the boys - someone who wasn't really at fault.  someone who probably shouldn't be provoked on account of having brought guns and knives on the trip and knowing where i'd be sleeping the next few nights.

well, we found the designated camping area just fine and yet another bomb-diggity campsite.  it was right alongside a small creek that flowed from little emerald lake, which comes from big emerald lake.

we had a lot of friends at this camp, too.  there were a lot of fish in the creek, and there were chipmunks all around the camping area.  also, there was this thing called a marmot there, too.  it kind of looks like a groundhog and a beaver had a baby, and i didn't believe it was called a marmot at first.  i thought jason was making up words.  but it's a real thing, and it seemed to be really interested in us.  but then it stood up on its tippy-toes to watch when jon went off to tie the food in a tree, and i figured it was probably more interested in whether or not we had something to eat.  i suppose we wouldn't really be that interesting to marmots otherwise.

and thennn, we went to little emerald lake, which was kind of our backyard.  it was a small shame that the sky was clouded over, but it was still a pretty place anyway.  around the lake there were a lot of boulders and rocks from a landslide, and they made for a decent location for pictures, skipping rocks, and general nature-admiring.

the boys each had a few gaze-off-into-the-distance shots.

but not me.  straight into the camera, that's how i play it.  regardless of whether or not i know the picture is coming.


  1. Kristin, this place looks absolutely amazing!! I can't believe how gorgeous your pictures are. Keep the posts coming. I'm lovin every second!