03 June 2012

ww: day one.

i think i want to start by making it clear that i was freaking out prior to this trip.  there were a lot of psych out attempts made by my dad, the king of worrying, who has actually been in the ww before with some of my his family members before.  he used words like avalanches, landslides, and snow-covered trails - none of which i particularly like.  but i was feeling good about it (even the cold) as long as the places we'd end up were pretty.  then it'd be worth it.

colorado definitely delivered on the pretty.  thank you freakishly warm winter, for making this possible.

i also was nervous about being the only girl on the trip.  it wasn't the boys that made me uncomfortable, it was the i'm-a-girl-and-what-if-that-translates-to-being-a-burden possibility.  i knew this trip was important to them, especially to one future slave-to-bar-prep-class, and my goal was to not cause anyone to feel disappointment about the trip once the week was over.  i didn't want to cramp anyone's style.

besides, you definitely don't want to mess with this style.  yowza.

the hiking was good on this day.  the weather was great, the trail was pretty, and the river offered up some sweet ambient noise.  plus we'd just been sitting in a car most of the day, so that probably helped us too.

we stopped at a bridge for a minute.  i think bridges are cool, for some reason i always get excited about seeing them.  automatic reaction when i catch a glimpse of one is oh cool, a bridge!  who knows why.

it was shortly after this bridge we found our campsite.  it was a cool little place right next to the pine river.  my favorite part about the site was our campfire area.  there was a break in the trees and if you looked up at night, you could see the stars.  i think we decided afterwards that st. johns had more stars than colorado, but hey.  stars are a good, comforting thing to see, wherever you are. (soooooomewhere out there, beneath the pale moonliiiiiight...)

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