05 June 2012

ww: day four, part two.

this post is an account of jason and gary's hike to moon lake.  i can't say too much about it since i wasn't there, but i can tell you what they said as best i can remember.

the elevation increase was something over a thousand feet.

and they had to cross through rivers...

...and get through snow...

...and go through more rivers...

but then they made it!  yeah!!

remember jason's noon goal?  ha.  they came back to camp at 6:30.  turns out they weren't on a trail for a while, and it was actually a few miles longer than they'd thought.  they told us about crossing rivers and lots of snow, and suddenly i was feeling smart for wimping out.  also, i felt a little bad.  they were so tired and wet when they came back to camp, it was kind of sad.


  1. "I feel weird..." - Gary, as he collapses onto a log

    1. oh man, i forgot that part! shoot.

  2. hahaha "it was kind of sad." and i really like jon's comment, too. hahaha i love you guys.

    1. haha, i definitely meant "sad" in the sympathetic kind of way, not the pathetic kind. oops.