05 June 2012

ww: day four, part one.

big emerald lake!!  the skies were blue which resulted in the prettiest day of the tripà mon avis.

snow.  it was there, after all.
also, no packs!!

the water was really clear, which i was surprised about.  it made me wonder why the lake was called emerald lake... is it green because the water's green or because it reflects the trees?  never found out.

and this is what the lake looks from the other side.  still pretty.  we also saw some eagles over here, which gary was really stoked about.

and from here, we separated the boys from the men.  or something like that.

the goal was to make it up to moon lake (about four miles from our creek camp), then go back to camp and hike back down the mountain to go to our first campsite back by the marker.  jason was feeling really ambitious: we'll be done by noon, i believe he said.

well i wasn't feeling too confident about being able to do all of that in one day, so while jason and gary went ahead to moon lake, jon came with me back to our creek camp.

where we waited.  and waited.  and waited.

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