06 June 2012

ww: day five.

our last day, a hiking day.  i was anticipating a longer day of hiking - seven or eight hours.  but we started off well and booked it down the mountain and finished the first four miles in two hours.  so i was feeling really good about the final five miles.  we had a definite sense of our destination, the hike didn't have any serious inclines or declines, and we'd already hiked it before with heavier packs.  this only could have been a piece of cake.


this last leg of the hike was the most annoying for me, that's for sure.  there were rocks that weren't there four days earlier, and someone also added another two miles to the trail.  i was really cranky again, and i wanted to be done.

and then, we got to this creek.  when we hiked in on monday, the creek and i met in a small, non-extravagant way.  i slipped and my right foot stepped into the water for just a second.  i had a wet sock, but not a wet shoe, so i just changed the sock and everything was fine.  we were friendly acquaintances after that meeting, and i had no ill-feelings towards the creek.

well when we came to the creek the second time, i imagine the creek thought something like, oh look!  there's that girl i met on monday!  i sure liked her, even though our time together was brief.  maybe i can convince her to be my friend today!

i, on the other hand, was thinking, okay.  let's not step in this time.  avoid contact with the creek at.all.costs.

and you know what?  i probably could have avoided it.  but my mistake came in following jason across, who makes everything look easy.  not only did the overzealous creek get me by both feet, but also by my bum.  because i totally fell in.  for a few seconds i just sat there in the water.

and then i lost it.

and by that, i mean that i started laughing so hard.  and i laughed for the last mile of the trip, which i waddled across.  once in a while jon would look back at me and then i would think of what happened and start giggling.

i totally asked for it, too.  right before we got to the creek i was praying in my head that i wouldn't be cranky and that i'd have good enough spirits to finish.  in return, i was given quite an intimate moment with a cold creek, which resulted in giggles and smiles to the end, and now i'm very good friends with that creek.

kind of hard to tell, but the underside of my pants are totally soaked.  also, i'm not sure why it looks like it was so hard to take a sock off??

we finished the trail, i hugged jason's car, changed into dry clothes, and put on my glorious nikes, which felt like clouds surrounding my feet.  then we drove to durango and stuffed ourselves with burgers.  it was a grand finish.

while of course i'm going to recommend what we did to you (or anyone), i can't guarantee that you'll have as great a time as i did.  there were certain elements - people and personalities, the time of year and the preceding months, individual places in life - that were unique to our situation, and the experience they contributed to can't ever be repeated.  the best way to describe it is with a cliché phrase: it was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it was a superb way to start the summer.

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