28 June 2012

theories via rampant imagination.

lately i've been thinking about pre-earth life.

i don't know a lot of things, but what i do know is that sometimes what i imagine up in my head sounds pretty cool.

i like to think about the people i knew before i came here.  i imagine that we all talked with our friends about meeting here in this life: when it would happen, under what circumstances, and if we would be able to tell that some meetings might be more purposeful than others.

i like to think about certain people in my life right now and excitedly whispering with them then about what the details of our earth-life friendship would be.

maybe we would meet in a classroom.  or via other friends.  or at a campout.  or at church.

maybe we'd be friends for a short time.  or for life.  maybe we'd be neighbors.  or siblings!!

maybe we would spend our time together talking about music.  or going to the mall.  or going on trips.  or watching sunsets.

i wonder if we talked about what it would be like to have a body.  or if we predicted what each other would look like.  do you think a part of me that remembers pre-earth life recognizes certain people by their spirit when we're about to meet here?

do you think the parts of my friends that remember pre-earth life knew that sometimes i'd be a hard person to meet and be friends with here?  do they know that i get stupidly shy and nervous around new people?  do they know that i'm not trying to be rude or snobby, i'm just nervous?  i hope they do, and that maybe they give the reeeeally important people a nudge.  a feeling to stick with it.  to stick with me.

what if i met someone here in a very small way?  like an oh hey, i'm being introduced to you because of some obligation or other kind of meeting?  but it's not big enough to start something beyond an acquaintance.  and both of our selves that remember each other are totally bummed out because we used to be great friends.  maybe we won't get the chance to meet again more meaningfully or be friends.
or maybe we will.

what if before i had a friend, and i told her i sure can't wait to meet you again and then here, when we finally met, the remembering part of me did backflips and frontflips and cartwheels and was so very excited that she could be with that friend again?
i think i like that idea.

those select people - the ones whom that remembering part of me has done backflips and frontflips and cartwheels for?

i think i can tell who some of them are.

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