11 June 2012

how to (start to) build (half an) airplane.

step one: get a man.  a smart one - who sometimes needs donuts and chocolate milk for fuel and knows how to use fancy computer programs.

step two: get a fancy laser machine.

step three: be told what pieces need to end up where and figure out how to do that yourself.

some advice:
  • music/radio/podcasts are very helpful in this process.
  • the glue makes you look like you have the fingertips of a leper, but it comes off with enough washing and nail polish remover.
  • said glue gives crazy headaches and slightly hallucinogenic dreams if you're not careful enough.
  • somewhere along the way you might start to think maybe you could have scraped along as an engineering major and that maybe english was the wrong way to go... you're wrong.  stop thinking that.
  • the curvy side is the bottom of the plane, not the top.

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