20 June 2012

hello summer.

today is the summer solstice.  it's the first day of summer!

first day, ha.  it's been relatively warm for a very long time now.  even my flowers aren't having it anymore.  they're tired.

plus, everyone knows that summer begins with memorial day and ends with labor day, duh!  it only makes sense to bookend the season with the two holidays celebrated via cook-outs.  the first and last days for summer smells - dinners on the grill, sunscreen, and chlorine (or better yet, sea salt).  that's what summer smells like.  it's a delicious smell.  (coincidentally, this is also what summer tastes like.)

anyhow, my summer so far has mostly consisted of thinking of a billion things that i want to do more than anything (get a job, take random recreation classes, convince certain people to do certain things), but can't because some reason or another (i'm somehow not qualified, money, agency).  well, i'm over that kind of thinking.  it's such a terrible way to eat up time.  so instead, i'm trying my best to think of what i can do.  and then i'll make it happen.

so, maybe i am okay with starting summer today.  kind of like a mulligan?  a do-over?  a way to learn from the last month-and-a-half and think better?  something like that.

i think i can, i think i can.

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