24 June 2012

doing what james harden wouldn't.

this weekend was hurtful.  hurtful!!  by which, i mean that there were many painful sensations over the course of two days which i certainly did not appreciate and was very confused about.  i was so confused that i even took to speaking to parts in pain.  and they responded.  heads had aches, arms had owwies, legs were wobbly, toes were smooshed, and hearts were sad and tired.

sooooo terrible, right?  it really was.  saturday i was exhausted.  hurting takes some serious energy out of you.  or something.  but when i laid in my bed saturday night, i decided that i was done with the hurting.  done!  i thought, i'm over all of this!!  i'm done!  i'm not even asking or praying for anything anymore!  you keep those jobs and my family and those writing ideas and that husband-person because i'm telling you to, not because you were going to anyway!!

you know.  in the most un-sacrilegious, silly way you can possibly imagine.

and then, a series of things happened...  after which everything seemed better.

and sunday came.

a billion people announced their engagements at church.  didn't even feel like crying.  (seriously though, it was out.of.control.)
taught a lesson and briefly mentioned jobless-ness.  didn't even feel bitter about it.
skyped home.  didn't feel sad afterward.
resolved to do some real brainstorming this week.  not even scared to do it.

rebounding, guys.  bouncing back.  gearing up for a seven-game series, climbing out of the 3-1 hole, getting my head back in the game.  you know, like james harden shcould have done... ??

yep, still sore on that.  beard nothin', i didn't see anything to be afraid of.


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