07 June 2012

can't pass a test, but i'm the hero of time. so there.

whew.  you know, sometimes i just don't know how travel bloggers do it.  it's hard to recount things and try to make them sound the least bit interesting to other people.

niche blogs in general i think are hard.  design blogs, mom blogs, fashion blogs, couple blogs, food blogs... i think my problem might be commitment.  i can't commit to just one topic.  i need something broad - like, lifestyle blog.  then i can try out whatever i want.  call it, playing the field.  that's right, i'm a total playa.  i play all the blogs!

anyway, today has been a day.

i took a test for this one job, which i spent a really long time taking and then promptly failed. (though i'm kind of relieved?  i felt weird about it.)

i made quiche for the second time this week, as it is incredibly tasty and easy to make (maybe a tutorial will come eventually).

it's a super quiche!  super quiche!
it's supa quiche-ay!

then i was feeling weird and decided to do things to my hair.  also, i decided it was a good time to revisit my trusty boots and skinny jeans.  you know, because it's only a hundred degrees today.

then i dropped off some clothes at the goodwill, which made me feel good for about two seconds.  until i realized i only did that because i really just wanted to go next door to bookmans.

when i did, i felt this strange feeling... like i was being called to one particular item in the place that needed me to buy it.  and i didn't know what it was until... wait, is that... is that what i think it is?  ...oh yes.  it is indeed.

da-da-da-daaaaaaaa!!  (that's the jingle that plays when you open the big treasure chests)

i've been around enough to know that there are certain N64 games that are a hot commodity, and they aren't on the bookmans shelf often.  mario kart, goldeneye, and this sucker.  i turned it down once last year, and i regretted it for days and days.  i knew better this time.  and there were three copies of the game to pick from.  THREE!  it was as if the video game gods themselves were telling me, you really can't screw this up.  so don't.

and now, if you please, i have a princess to rescue.  good day.

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