14 June 2012

all hail jon burgoyne, the birthday boy!!

 this person is jon burgoyne.  he and i?  well, sometimes we hang out and stuff.

today is jon's birthday!  today is his favorite day of the year.  why?  heck if i know, we differ greatly on opinions of our own birthdays.

do you know one of the things i like about him?  he's got this thing on his head... just above the forehead?  sometimes it's called a flip-dee-doo, lately it's been referred to as a swoosh.  sometimes it's dead center of his head, other times it's to the side, and sometimes it's very fluffy on account of having just woken up and/or lack of shower.  it has been smooshed by graduation caps, become a little on the flat side on hiking trips, and it sat on top of a verrrrry pink sunburned face once.

but it has endured.  it is a hairstyle to last for the ages.  it has even been suggested that such a hairstyle merits comparison to a king!


a future king, at least.  jon would probably a happier king.  with less family drama.  and he's able to pin his girlfriend, sadly.

another thing i like about him?  he's got simple tastes.  sometimes i get it in my head that he has unsophisticated tastes and i have very sophisticated tastes.  well, oh-ho-ho!  that's actually a load of garbage.  he's just got low-maintenance interests and mine are sky-high-maintenance.

besides, he's a fan of ice cream cakes.  and how can an ice cream cake be unsophisticated?  i'm pretty sure it's one of the most complex, fancy desserts in all of the dessert kingdom. (that, or it's the mutt of them all.)

he also teaches me things!  like:
  • the proper time to start braking for a red light
  • how to be a better person
  • how i need to buy groceries and cook for two people, but three appetites (maybe sometimes four)
  • which corners of the house to be extra careful of, since he likes to hide around them
  • that i should care less about what people think of me
  • that selflessness, compassion, consideration, and confidence are really important for relationships (and life in general) to be good

other things you don't really need to know about jon, but i just want to brag about:

1. he's a killah when he's dressed up all fancy.  i always thought "weak knees" were a fake thing made up for poetry and jane austen nonsense (ohh, mistah dah-seyyyyyy!) ...nope.  weak knees are real, and they're for when jon wears a suit.  yowza.
2. he condones my occasional ice cream and/or sweets binges and doesn't judge me.  or if he does, he keeps that secret.
3. ever since the catastrophe that was the winter beard of '11 and '12, he's been good about keeping the beard levels low.  but he knows to keep the scruff around only as long as it's between the window of kristin-thinks-this-is-a-little-sexy.
4. he encourages my writing and thinks it's okay!  winner.

anyway i kind of like this guy, he's a total dream boat.  he's very smart, and funny, and handsome.  (big three?  check.)

and well, he's lived his 26th year of life with me and my outrageous demands in a lot of it.  and that's something.  that's enough for him to earn the right to 26.  bless his soul.  maybe in his 27th year he'll come to his senses and say "no!  i'm saying no to your demands and high-maintenance-ness, woman!"

but really, hopefully not.

happy birthday, JBoyfriend of my dreams.  i'm proud of you, and i know you're going to do so many great things with your life, so be excited for it all!  you deserve every bit of attention you get today.  you sir, are a champion.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha "we hang out and stuff." Jon is such a great guy! Also, Tim is constantly reminding me that I shouldn't care so much what people think, too. Also also, I just realized that Jon Burgoyne has the same initials as Justin Bieber. Coincidence?

    1. yeah, go tim!

      and i'm not sure if it's coincidence that jon is more handsome and way more manly than justin bieber... but i'm cool with those facts for now. :)