31 May 2012

weminuche wilderness: teaser trailer.

a couple of weeks ago i went on this trip to colorado, and i wasn't planning on blogging too much about it.  not because it wasn't awesome, but because i didn't take a lot of pictures.  and no one likes travel-blog-type-posts if there aren't pictures to look at.

well now i have the exact opposite problem, as i was given roughly 100 billion pictures from the trip.  i managed to cut down to two hundred (which i consider a small sort of accomplishment), but that's still a lot.  i could easily spread out the pictures over a day-by-day trip series like i did last year, but i have more pictures to show than i think i have words or stories to accompany those pictures.

so i've either got to do one suuuuuuper long post, or break the trip up and add in a filler story or two that i'll imagine up about audacious chipmunks, a snoopy marmot, and a deceptive, mean, old man.

as i wrote that second option down, it became obvious that's the one i have to take.  in which case, this post has just taken a stay tuned/sneak peek turn.  sorry, guys.  i'll roll out these posts quickly.


all pictures from this trip that i'm showing now and will be showing were not taken by me.  they were taken by jason burgoyne, whose website i'd refer you to if it existed.  he gave me permission to edit his pictures a little and post them.

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