09 May 2012

now the funk is in my throat.

(does that title gross you out?  i just realized it definitely grosses me out, but i can't think of anything else, so... sorry.)

every time it rains here in phoenix, people freak out and post updates about it.  it's kind of cute.  i'm okay with the rain, but the really loud thunder i'm not so okay with.  the only time i don't like being alone in my house is when the abnormally loud thunder shakes my house and makes my heart beat three times as fast. it's one of the few things that genuinely makes me feel really scared.  but it didn't last too long, and i suppose it was worth it if it brought the rain, too.  rain means that my allergies can calm down for a little while. (until i go to the temple...??  i think every time i leave there, i sneeze up a storm for the rest of the day and my throat itches so badly!  i think it's the super chlorine or something, it's killah-dillah.)

there have been a lot of under-the-weather feelings over here as of late.  i've been trying to blame as much of it as i can on allergies and stress - so long as i can avoid "being sick," a state i don't really feel i'm in.  but i've had this terribly annoying cough the past few days, and it first it was only a tickle so i thought it was just allergies.  but it's still here, and unfortunately less a tickle than i'd like it to be.  it's the kind of cough that's big enough to make your breastbone hurt, but not big enough to make you think you'd get a six-pack if you coughed enough throughout the week.

i caved and bought some cough medicine at the store today (and realized i don't think i've had cough medicine in over fifteen years).  i got the grape kind because i think i remember i never hated medicine if it was grape flavored.

anyway, when i swallowed the medicine, i was instantly over its taste.  the very thought that went through my mind was  well that was terrible.  why would i swallow that when i could just drink a grape soda?

and grape soda it was.

i know, my logic is incredible.

recently i've been really bad about that one soda oath i made a while ago.  actually, any beverage that isn't water i've been really bad about.  my refrigerator right now is highly occupied by liquids right now:

in my defense:

1. the coke zero and the coke?  totally my mom's.  she buys some every time she comes out here, and then i have to deal with it when she leaves it all unfinished.
2. the dr. pepper?  from my friend erin, and i am in no way putting any blame on her for this because she is the best.  also, i usually will never say no to dr. pepper.
3. the half gallon of milk?  mine.  the gallon of milk?  my parents - who are now GONE and can no longer drink this.  and it totally kills me.  there is sooooo much milk, it honestly stresses me out every time i open my fridge.  nothing grieves me quite like an excess of milk in the fridge.  i'm trying to be good - i'm gradually pushing myself from being a skim-milk-once-in-a-blue-moon person to a 1%-milk-plus-chocolate-syrup-often person. (the fact i'm going from skim to 1% totally justifies this as an upgrade.)  but i am definitely NOT a gallon-of-any-milk person yet.
4. the orange juice?  mom needed a teeny bit to make a fruit salad.  i think it was less than a cup.
5. the orange soda and the root beer?  my dad felt like it needed to be there because we had guests over for dinner last week.  my parents are generally unsure about mormons they've never met and their coke-or-no-coke preferences, so there was a feeling that there should be other carbonated beverage options available that didn't have caffeine.  they'll offer all drinks, but usually there's a question like are you a coke-drinker?  and they'll follow up the response with something like, good answer! or well, we're bad mormons!

so basically, i didn't buy any of those things (except for the half gallon of milk), and therefore i cannot be guilty for any shame that comes out of the fridge when it's opened.

related: if you're ever in town in the next few days and want to stop by for a beverage, i've got eight different kinds you can choose from.  on the house.
postscript!  thanks to everyone for all of your compliments and well wishes in the last little while, especially since last week.  i've never been one to make a big deal out of graduating from anything, but some of you have genuinely made me feel like i accomplished something, so thanks!!  :)


  1. Well, Kristin. 1. I've been relating my down spirits on allergies too--NO joke. 2. My mom took me to the doctor when I was young because she was scared of my green poop--turned out she left with a script to make Sara drink something other than grape koolaide or juice. 3. I'm as bad a Mormon as they get. Unfortunately, I live off of coke. ;)

    1. maybe it's the new drinks causing me to feel icky? i never even thought about that until your comment!

    2. Coke and Coke Zero - Your dad bought those unbeknownst to me. He thought I would like Coke over your Arizona water. You can dump the little bit out and recycle.

      Orange Juice - Yes, I am to blame for that. It was 1/3 cup for the fruit syrup. Do you or Jon drink OJ??

      Orange Soda and Root Beer - Guilty also, but we were trying to be good, accommodating hosts. If no one will drink, then dump out.

      Congratulations again!! We are very proud of you. The absence of the "rope" really grates me. It would have been nice to make a wall box commemorating that day.

    3. Oh, Kristin, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the drinks. I was just telling a funny story about me so you could laugh. We all need a laugh. Hope your allergies clear up. No fun.