04 May 2012

i'm a fish in a plastic bag.

remember finding nemo?  the tank gang?  and all they want to do is get placed into the plastic bags so they can roll their way out from the dentist and into the ocean??

and then they make it, and at first they're all:


and then they catch their breath.  there's about three seconds of silence.  and then one of the fish says,

now what?


well shoot guys, i kind of feel like that!  this is weird!!

don't get me wrong.  i am perfectly happy to put graduation ceremonies away, that's for sure.  i've been to three including my own in the last twenty-four-ish hours, and i'm all ceremonied out.

two things before i sign off today.  both are bits of remarks from two ceremonies that i really felt were applicable to me right now.

the first piece of advice was from sandra day o'connor, who spoke at the law school's convocation.  she told us (well, she was really talking to the law kids...) to have high goals, obviously, and in making our way to what we really want as far as jobs (or anything, i suppose), you have to be excellent in all of the little tasks that lead up to that.  at this point, at the end of almost twenty years of schooling, that sounds totally exhausting and unappealing. (which is why i'll probably never be a lawyer or a supreme court justice). but she is a way cool lady, and i have no doubt she was excellent in everything that she did.

the second tidbit came from today, at my convocation.  i can't remember if it was the dean who was talking, but whoever it was said that "plans are useless, but planning is indispensable."  i will second that witness.  AMEN, BROTHER.

so as much as i feel like i'm in a plastic bag in the ocean right now, here's to the future.  besides, there could be always be a finding nemo 2, right?


  1. You graduated. We CHEERED LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I was there...just for YOU...and Brad...and my boyfriend's mother.... Congratulations Kristin!!!!! :)

    1. awww, thanks rhonda!! you are the best!! :)

  2. congrats!! no more studying ..thats always a good feeling. lets play more now!