25 April 2012

whatever road this is right now, it stinks.

today when i turned in my final portfolio for my capstone fiction class, it was all bitter and no sweet.

because all day in the back of my mind has been this nagging question:

so.  you're done with that.  what are you going to do now?

and i think:

i know, i get it.  i just wasted my college years writing stories.  thank you for reminding me.  again.

i was pretty adamant my freshman year on picking a major that i knew i'd love, not one that would help me make a lot of money (because there is no way there would be any overlap between those two things, of course).  i was pretty pleased with my decision and even got all snobby about it - as if i'd taken the high road or something.

well ha-ha to that is what i'm thinking now.

yikes, guys.  real life is a week away, and i'm scared.


  1. Our little secret. I'm still scared, Kristin. You're not alone.

  2. I know the feeling. Pretty much as soon as I graduated I thought "Well, I probably should have just gone to nursing school like everyone else."

    1. seriously! not nursing for me, though. but all day i've been wondering what it would have been like to study math instead.