10 April 2012


you know all of this pink slime hullabaloo that's been going on?

from the start it reminded me of this episode of spongebob (kind of on a spongebob kick lately, i guess?), in which the restaurant of the show is sold for a lot of money, but then the new owner's really destroy the integrity that the place once had.  part of that destruction involved creating hamburgers from this disgusting, grayish goop - gray slime, if you will.  if i remember correctly, it's a really gross scene.

anyway, this pink slime issue.

i think it's a non-issue, and psycho-crazy moms need to calm the heck down.

if you're going to obtain your food from a store instead of growing+harvesting or raising+butchering your own food yourself, expect some other stuff to be in there, for goodness' sake.  you and your child haven't even grown a third arm from eating pink slime, and you still won't.  just knock it off and be grateful for food that doesn't kill you.  sheesh.  meat companies are eating it right now thanks to you.

also, i feel to address one more thing that has been causing outrage as of late.

this thing is instagram.

a few things about this popular thing.

1. i, in no way, pretend to be a photographer.  i don't think i'm so pretentious as to suggest something like that. (though, i suppose, prententious enough to think that some things in my life are worth pausing for and sharing with others?) i just get annoyed when people talk about how great instagram is because it allows anyone to be a photographer.  get out of town.

2. i'm kind of bored with it?  i miss having an actual camera sometimes.

3. i have no problem with android peoples being invited to the instagram fold.  i do have a problem with racist iphone users.  get a grip.  making an android instagram app didn't ruin instagram.

4. selling the company to facebook ruined it.  and subsequently, ruined the world.  you think it's okay, because the zuck is just buying a picture-sharing app now.  but just wait.  tomorrow he'll buy your children.

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