11 April 2012

hipsters say funny things.

i have this one class randomly located in one of the buildings for the design school, and even though i complained about it because of how it's on the other side of campus, i secretly love it.


there are funny things said on this side of campus that you won't hear anywhere else.

stuff like:

i love the way the varnished surface feels.

i save that stuff for my compost.

did you order the vellum for our project yet?

one of my favorite things is a note taped onto the doors of this one room in the architecture library that thanks patrons for not cutting paper in the library.

being here reminds me of senior year in high school and how badly i wished that fashion was an option with the design school.  i can see now why that would have been a terrible thing, but still.  this would have been a slightly funny environment to have studied in.

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