02 April 2012

book club: conference edition.

how was your weekend?  excellent??


conference center in salt lake; picture via

if you missed the big happenings, or didn't have that excellent of a weekend, that's okay - you can make up for that right now by going here.  all of the conference addresses can be watched, listened to, or downloaded right now!  come back later in the week, and the written talks will be available to read, too.

of all the talks, elder ballard's was one of my favorites.  i kind of loved how he essentially coordinated financial stability with a good home life.  it made me think about the economic crisis of late in a very different way.

it also made me kind of excited for marriage and kids, question mark???

thinking about this topic has always freaked me out.  marriage and having kids is big stuff, and i take big stuff seriously.  though in this particular case, seriously quickly falls to the point of being terrified.

but elder ballard's talk made me feel not so scared!  granted, i'm not near that point in my life yet, but i feel okay about it.  ready, even!!

which is why it depressed me more than anything today to come across an article talking about "divorce rings."  i made the mistake of looking at them, and i literally felt sad and sick inside.  not only because jewelers are trying to cash in on the frequent occurrence of a terrible thing, but also because of the sentiment behind it all - like divorce is something to be celebrated and shown off.  the whole thing just hurt my soul.

runners-up for favorite conference talks of april 2012??  elder holland's, elder bednar's, and president uchtdorf's.  OBVIOUSLY.  these three guys are only the three favorites of almost every young adult in the world.

and sister beck.  OH, sister beck!!  i shall miss her dearly, for we have been friends since she was in the young women's presidency.

people, it just doesn't get any better than this.  three days ago i was a ball of stress and nerves, and now i feel super (though still slightly stressed) and ready for the next six months.  hopefully you are too!!  :)

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