19 April 2012

and just like that, it comes to you.

you guys, i think i've figured out what i'm supposed to do with my life!  yes, it was all revealed to me in a dream last night!!

in my dream, i was in a band.
with my children.
one: i do not have children in real life.
two: i was playing the ukelele and the microphone. (that last part is kristin speak for being a singer.)  i know that i'm not great at piano, but really?  i was singing and playing the ukelele??  what the heck, i know nothing about either of those things.  i'm at least "conversational" in piano.
three: i had three bandmates - two children and one husband.  the children were a boy (about five-ish) and girl (two or three).  the boy played the drums, and the girl played one of those rainbow xylophone toys.  husband played the guitar.
four: my daughter and i were dressed like ballerinas, and we were wearing headscarves.  of course.  husband and my boy were dressed normal in jeans and tees, with mismatched socks and desert boots.  sooooo... essentially they were dressed like me.
i have little to say of the dream, save for yes please.  that has first-prize-at-the-ward-talent-show written all over it.

all i request is that we put on a performance that looks something like this:

or this:

what's that?  oh stop it, church cultural halls are totally capable of that kind of stage set-up and lights display!!

as soon as it all gets finalized i will notify you of the date and venue, and then you are cordially invited to our show.  we'll sign autographs afterwards at our merchandise table, where you'll be able to buy CDs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.

and in case you're wondering...
...we made some dang-good music.

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