12 March 2012

you know you're a grown-up when...

you know those pledge drives that certain (to most people, this word is probably "boring") radio stations and/or television channels run?  they are annoying as anything, for sure.  i remember being a kid, and all i wanted to do was watch sesame street or arthur, but then pledge week would come up asking me to buy a stuffed elmo doll for 200 stupid dollars as a contribution for the programs i watch.  i was not having it, and i threw mini-tantrums, i did.

well today i donated some money to a radio station.  and now i'm officially an adult.

on the flip side, i overheard someone talking at the institute and i heard this made-up word crafternoon.  i'd never heard of it before, but it only took a second of thinking to realize what this word means.

and i threw up a little in my mouth.  like an intolerant teenager.

i'm (not) sorry, but to me that is the grossest word ever invented.  heaven forbid i ever get roped into a "saturday crafternoon party."  can't we just keep our houses clean and simple without the wooden plaques with stenciled quotes and the chickens (sounds random, but i've seen a chicken decoration collection in a house before) and other things of the like?

basically, without anything that would be sold here (pictures of what i mean are towards the end of the post), and instead looking slightlybutnottoomuch like these.

and you're wrong, minimalism can too be "homey" and "warm."  i'll prove it one day!
postscript!  mentioning elmo reminded me of this movie i just saw last week and really liked!  it made me super nostalgic and i even teared up a little... here's the trailer for it here:


i was totally freaked me out the first time i saw the trailer (the elmo voice coming from that man is such a shock!), and i was slightly skeptical because i personally think grover is the best, but the movie was so good, and you should check it out (we watched via netflix)!!


  1. Grover is the best. Hands down! That looks like an awesome documentary. I'll definitely have to look it up! :)

    1. this is why we're friends. team grover forever!!