30 March 2012

you can't win if...

this weekend something big is going to happen, and there are some people who will be very happy when everything is said and done.

by something big, i mean general conference.

and by some people, i mean YOU!

i'm not talking about some lottery worth a gajillion dollars, people!  leave that to those who want to make their lives miserable!

i'm talking about hearing from living prophets who tell us what's what and where the real riches come from!

personally, i have been waiting for this weekend since january, and i'm very excited to get some real answers to specific questions i have about my future (like, can i get a wut, wut job!?) and other things i've been thinking about lately.

all of the questions you have about your life can be answered too, if you watch!!

there's that old saying:

you can't win if you don't play!

well, the real question should be:

you can't get an answer if you don't watch!!

when i was little, experiencing general conference was a lot different than now.  when i was really little, we went to church to watch them.  when i was a little older, my dad used to bring home his work laptop (then, we thought that laptops were the coolest thing EVER), and we'd stream the audio and listen to it.  and then towards the end of high school, we had byutv and had the ridiculous luxury of watching all the sessions in our living room on our own television.

during each of those periods, the sentiment from me was the same: whining and complaining about having to sit still for too long, listening to boring, old men talking, begging if i could just take a nap on this one sunday that we didn't have to have normal church meetings.

now, i can't get enough of these sessions, i wish that they were quarterly instead of semi-annually.  i'm particularly excited to hear from my favorites: elder bednar (codename: double-0-smackdown), president uchtdorf (the silver baron), and, of course, president monson (old story glory).

on monday we can dish about our favorites, okay?  kind of like book club.  only virtually, sans food+gossip, and with the best reading material in the world.  :)

(postscript!  remember last time i raved about GC?  it's here.)

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