24 March 2012

i'm sure this makes sense in your head, but...

so, about this hunger games movie/plotline.

1. so many strangely dressed people.  i was totally into the creativity and weirdness of it all until i had a freaky dream about bizarrely dressed people who were stalking me.

2. politically charged, question mark??  kind of had hints of the occupy protests in there from my perspective, but what do i know?

3. holy barbaric, batman.  it's like dogfighting, but with children.  totally sick.  (sick here means disgusting, twisted, abhorrent, etc.)

4. it kind of made me want to go camping??  i suppose that's a little sick, too. (sick has same meaning.)

my last thought is specifically about the movie.  it reminded me about certain stories that come along in writing workshops.

a very common thing that happens with first drafts is that there will be holes, discontinuity, or vagueness in the stories.  when this happens, it's almost never because the writer came up with a partial plot.  in critiques, we always give the writer the benefit of the doubt and say something to the effect of:

to you [the writer], there aren't any holes in this story at all.  you wrote it.  you know exactly what is happening and will happen.  what your trouble is here is that your readers don't know the whole story.  we only know what you've written down, and you've left some things out that make this story complete.

after writing this schpeal to my classmates several times over the last three years, it's nice sounding and not mean or rude.  but i distinctly remember once phrasing it like this:

i'm sure this makes sense in your head, but it doesn't make sense to the readers.  put on the page what is in your brain!

is that rude, or what?!?  i feel totally bad about it now!!


i kind of felt like this with the movie, as a person who hadn't read the book.  there were certain details or connections i didn't make until after the movie was over, when i was told that they even existed.  i'm sure it made sense to readers of the series, but...

overall, not really disappointed!  still not dying to read the books, nor am i dying to see the next movie, but still.  sort of made me want to write, though!

does anyone feel like they've read anything in which genre fiction and literary fiction is blended well together in one book?

genre fiction is a story in which emphasis is placed on plot development - think any young adult fiction novel or series.  (harry potter, the hunger games, etc.)

literary fiction is a story in which emphasis is placed on character development - think any short story that made you think whaaaaaaaat just happened at the end.  (basically, anything that you'd never really read unless you were/are/should be an english major.)

i've been trying to think of novels that could come even close to covering these two equally, and it doesn't work.  one always outweighs the other, and it's not an even balance.

if you think you can tell me one, do it!  i will respect you forever, probably!!  :)

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