06 March 2012

a few things i'm loving right now.

1. new(ish) glasses.

now i'm cool like all of those old-man english professors, holla!  (they have lenses, for your information.  i know all you lens-free-frames haters out there were judging.  i'm not a hipster!)

2. yogurt.

i'm a grown-up now!!  i can eat yogurt without gagging (after i add a ton of stuff to it to forget its texture, of course).  i haven't really expanded myself beyond vanilla though, and i don't think i'm going to try any fancy flavors soon.  baby steps.

3. lana del rey.

oh my gracious, people, i have the biggest crush on this lady right now.  have you heard her music?  top-notch, i love it (even her "awful" snl performance... does that make me weird?).  ps, she's gorgeous and i'm totally jealous of her hair, lips, eyes... so basically her whole face.

4. npr.

i haven't been playing music in the car lately (because i keep listening to the same things over and over, and i need to not grow to hate my music), and the only preset station i have in my car is KJZZ 91.5 - aka, the greatest station in the world, it's totally my favorite.

5. arizona.

this place is perfect right now.  you can be jealous that it's been flirting between the seventies and eighties lately.  it's okay, everyone else is doing it.


  1. oh that is soo funny.. i am totally listening to talk radio too now! I didnt know about 91.5.. definitely going to save that one! Try 92.3, thats what ive been listening too

    1. haha, okay!! i'll check that one out this week for sure.