02 March 2012

can i speak for the lorax?

how was your leap day?  good??  it's kind of a cool thing if you think about it for a little while.  i realized on wednesday that i wish my birthday was on leap day.  then i'd hardly ever have to celebrate it, yeeeeeah!!

leap day isn't so special when you're in school and you don't get an extra day built into the semester.  so i've decided to ultilize my right to an extra day later in the year... and then i will do whatever i want on that day!!

anyway, let's talk about today.  did you know that it's dr. suess's birthday today??

i'm a big fan of dr. suess.  my favorites were wacky wednesday (even though there are no words), the story about the sneetches, the 500 hats of bartholomew cubbins, and the lorax.

how do you feel about the lorax movie?  okay??

i love the book, and i love that it teaches us to be conservative about our resources and to be wary of big businesses that take over and later destroy the world.

but i don't like the idea of seeing pictures of the lorax at whole foods or at local farmer's markets or outdoor parks and biking/hiking trails with a speech bubble above his head that says "i approve!!"  i'm not saying all of that is going to happen, but i have the slightest suspicion that it will happen.  soon.  and it all starts with this commercial that has supposedly been lorax-sponsored for it's environmentally-friendly-whateverness:

what the heck?  i am not okay with this.  what is "skyactiv technology" anyway??

the lorax would support mazda if they manufactured bicycles, not cars.  i know, because i speak for the lorax.

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