25 March 2012

birds of a feather.

have you met allison and matt??

we are big fans of them, and we've been very lucky to get to play with them a couple of times recently!!

the first time was a few weeks ago when we got to bike around downtown phoenix.  i don't care who you are, you HAVE to do this!  biking around the city wasn't as scary as i was afraid it could be, and it was way fun.

after cruising through nice little neighborhoods, we stopped at the civic space park across the street from downtown phoenix to play frisbee.  i love this park, it's got a nice lawn space and has a lot of really cool (free!) events going on sometimes.  plus, there's a giant jellyfish-like sculpture thing and a whack-a-mole-esque water fountain. (i've recently discovered that it's called a splash pad, but i like whack-a-mole-water-fountain better.) what's not to like?!

later we visited cityscape, which randomly had a cornbag toss event going on.  despite my terrible aim, i actually got two cornbag scores and was mvp for the afternoon.  yeah.

(props to allison for impeccable form!)

then we tried on these fantastic fanny packs (allison blogged pictures here, and MAN they are a hoot), biked around a little bit more, got slightly scared after biking into semi-ghetto territory, had dinner, rode elevators, and then biked back to our cars.  SOMUCHFUN, i cannot recommend this enough!

the second time we played with them was a few days ago.  i've been wanting to see their place in glendale for a long time now, and we finally set up a time to visit!  i also wanted to visit the ducks that have been highlighted on their blog.  even though i have this slight fear of birds, i knew i had to feed the ducks.

(see the birds in the water?  they came from the far reaches of the pond once they saw food.  it was kind of freaky!)

matt (aka, boy wonder) was a brave soul.  he stood in the middle of the birds and even fed some out of his hand!  multiple times!! (eventually i drummed up enough courage to do it too... their beaks feel really weird!)

a piece of advice: stay away from the canadian gooses.  they are mean as anything and they bite at the other birds it they don't get food.

this picture cracks me up.  allison is literally commenting on the goose hissing.  i was there, it was freaky.

i kind of was chased/corralled/sheepdogged by the birds and i found refuge behind a small wall.  it was safe.

there were a lot of different kinds of ducks there, and there were also these funny little birds that resembled small dodos.

but my favorite bird to feed??

the alli bird.

thanks to allison and matt for being our friends and hanging out with us!!  you guys are the bomb-diggity!!


  1. good times! we love hanging out with yall! (love the picture of me hissing at matt btw) ive been meaning to post pictures too for a while.. technical difficulties.. soon though

    1. haha, no worries! and that picture is probably one of my favorites of you for sure.