22 March 2012

battling fiction and the hunger games.

this afternoon equaled sunbathing with ira glass and christmas music, alternatively.  so nice!  i kind of wanted to go swimming, but i knew that the water would be freezing.  so i settled for sweating it out on the back patio.  phoenix, i love you.

tonight, as it will be for manymanymany people, will equal the hunger games.

tonight, as it will NOT be for manymanymany people, will equal my first exposure of any kind to the hunger games.

fact: i have never read the hunger games.  sorry.
fact: unless you count a five-minute synopsis that was given me today, i have absolutely no knowledge of what the books are about.
fact: i don't have a huge interest in reading the series.
fact: this is, in part, due to the fact that the last series i was begged to read was twilight.  and i listened to you.
fact: I KNOW.  "the hunger games is wayyyyy better than twilight!"  i know.  you've all told me.  a million times.

fact: being a writing student has kind of killed any desire at all to read genre fiction.

genre fiction is given a really bad rap in writing classes.  in the battle between genre fiction and literary fiction, the issue all comes down to plot vs. character.  is your story about the plot, or is it about the characters?

and, as developing character is seen as a higher form of the art of writing, genre fiction is shot down all the time.

i've developed this elitist, snobby, up-turned nose attitude of it all, and this is bad (especially for the harry potter fan in me).  because now, i cannot read a "normal" book or watch a movie without thinking something like:

oh man, this dialogue is terrible.
that character is just a plot device.  why is she even in this story?!?
this story would be ripped to pieces in a workshop (by me).

that being said, i want to make it clear: i have absolutely no expectations whatsoever going into this movie.  this gives me a significant advantage over the rest of the world seeing this movie, as i can neither be disappointed nor told-you-soed.

the only thing i expect is to be engulfed in a sea of die-hard fans who might just tackle me if i confess that i'm barely even a novice when it comes to the hunger games.  if you see me tonight keep this a secret, please.  thanks.

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