09 February 2012

let's pretend that valentine's day is a holiday i believe in.

...that it isn't a heinous manifestation of commercialism.

that the charlie brown special isn't as silly and funny as all the other holiday specials.

that it's actually special because people don't have to be told that they're loved every single day anyway.

that store-bought greeting cards aren't kind of the worst thing ever.

that i don't secretly have a love playlist i listen to every year on valentine's day.

that it's not totally cliché to become engaged or get married on this holiday.

that chalk candy hearts are actually really delicious.

that there are those select few who really are incredibly sweet and romantic and sincere on this holiday.

that it's not incredibly gratifying to hand-make valentines for children in hospitals.

well then it wouldn't be a day everyone loves (to hate?), then would it?

happy holidays!!

postscript: my favorite scene from be my valentine, charlie brown - distilled into six pictures:

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