24 February 2012

"i'm such a bad blogger!"

soooo, it occured to me yesterday during a phone conversation in which i was half-conscious that i haven't been around here for a while (actually, i was told that i made such-and-such a class more boring because i published no posts to procrastinate with).

usually when people say "i haven't posted in a while... sorry about that!" or "i'm such a bad blogger!" it's been months since their last update.

me?  ten whole days.  or, 23 days if you're only looking at posts with substance.

if you find yourself deeply upset with my absence (i'll have to question that), i'm in the same boat.  if i felt like i could have written real blog posts this last month and not have felt guilty about it, i totally would have.

i would have talked about rebellious virtual teenagers of mine, and the mormon tabernacle choir, and gorgeous weather, and houses falling into disarray, and getting extremely emotional, and becoming even more busy and stressed out, and other things that basically equalled my february.

have you ever sat in your car after you've parked somewhere and realized i don't even remember driving at all.  what just happened in the last five minutes?

that's what just happened to me.  for three.whole.weeks.  i am so ready to blow this february-popsicle-stand.

but today, two of my classes are finished forever!  and i have decided that the rest of today and tomorrow i will give myself a break and not do any homework until monday, and THEN i will kick my bum into high gear.

and by "give myself a break" i mean "clean my house."

it's not that i want to do it, it's that i need to do it.  (but actually, a tiny part of me wants to.)

i also find myself in the strange position to want to go shopping.  i'm thinking i might run over to a mall tonight.  there's this skirt i bought in december that i LOVE.  it's this one here, from one of the january photos:

i got it from the girl's section at gap kids, and it's basically my favorite skirt ever.  i just saw online that they're on sale, but the color i want is out of my size (XXL).  i'm hoping there will be one in the store instead!!


  1. very cute. i used to buy girls skirts too! are your socks mismatched? have fun shopping.

  2. thanks sara! and yes, they're are mismatched. :)