27 February 2012

family home evening is brought to you tonight by disney!

so, you're watching the princess and the frog.

you know, your monthly watching of the movie.  you're just sittin' on your couch, eating some mashed potatoes and peas, enjoying a sunday afternoon following a particularly real good session of stake conference.

and you hear the same dialogue you've heard for months now.  you know,

If you make a wish on the Evening Star, it's sure to come true!

the whole bit.

then the tv says:

That old star can only take you part of the way.  You gotta help it along with some hard work of your own.  And then... you can do anything you set your mind to.

and you think, GOOD HEAVENS that sounds really familiar!

familiar, as in, faith without works is dead.

and you think, oh how convenient!  should i ever have to teach young primary children one day about this concept, there's an easy lesson reference right here.  i'll just file that away for the future.

but of course, what good is a concept without an example?  or two???

a little later in the movie you hear charlotte deeply upset over fear that her prince charming will never come.  her solution??
Maybe I just gotta wish harder. (a chorus of pleases follows)

and does she get her prince charming?  well in the end, no.

is she mean?
is she a bad person?
but she doesn't work for anything.  and she ain't gonna get a man if she don't work.

flip side.

tiana works her bum off.  she earns many tin cans of tips in order to pay for the building she wants to buy for her restaurant.  she's convinced that restaurant will be hers based on her hard work alone.

and does does that end up being the case?  no.  she needs the help of a friendly alligator to help her out in the end. (for the record, NOT trying to suggest that God is an alligator.)

DUDES, i needed to be taught this lesson again, and maybe the manner in which it was presented this time around probably says something about my maturity levels.

but lately, i've been finding myself a little too much on the tiana side of things - the work side.  whenever something becomes really important to me - be it church, school, social life, family, work (butnotreally) - i do my best to be the best in that capacity.  i work hard to have successes in those areas of my life.  and sometimes, it's not enough.

i've been a little better about asking for help, and even though sometimes it's hard for me to be okay with it all the time, i've learned that it's okay to ask for help.  it helps with humility and all that.  you know, keep my head from getting too big.

sooo, what about you??

are you more of a charlotte, and you just wish and beg and plead and pray for good things to happen to you??

or are you more of a tiana, and you slave away to earn something important to you and you won't accept help from anyone else?

le prince et la princess.  DANS LE FLESH.
postscript, check out james 2:17-26
and if you're curious, info on family home evenings!! (they're the bomb-diggity)

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