20 January 2012

talkin' 'bout hard stuff.

as grief-and-stress-inducing as it is, i'm quite excited for this thesis deal.  i'm learning a lot, i'm pushing my capabilities, and i'm excited for a few months from now when i get to lay down sprawled out on the floor of my living room with a big, goofy grin on my face knowing that i'm allowed to be pleased with myself and my work.

as a whole, the project is about this couple and their lives in a fifteen-year period.  i'm writing a lot of different pieces that are snippet-snapshots within this period - everything from when they're dating, when they're married, when they're trying to have children, when they're finally a family, etc.

and since i'm hardly an expert in any of these things, i have to spend a lot of time researching.

and by researching, i mean reading and exploring a lot of blogs and articles and stories about people willing to divulge intimately personal moments from their relationship histories.

and can i just say, this experience has become way more emotional than i anticipated!  i keep reading stories that make me tear up.  or worse, they make me cry.  some are happy, a lot are sad, and i like them all.  even the sad ones!  shocking!!

writing has become difficult as of late because i need to write some pieces about hard, sad moments in varying stages of relationships.

life is hard!  relationships are hard!  and you wanna know something annoying??  they could be a lot harder!!  i know that my life isn't nearly as terrible as most people's lives, and so sometimes i feel really selfish and not-justified in allowing myself to be sad and scared about certain things.

which is why, in a strange way, i'm really grateful for being about the read about the trials of others and their courage and strength in being about to persevere and continue on living life with a smile.

here are some of the things i've come across in my "research" that have resonated with me most - for the purposes of my project, but also for real-life purposes.

//1//  a short response to the question of what makes you feel beautiful that is so sweet and tender and emphasizes the incredible power that comes with a simple combination of words.
//2//  an article about a woman's different, but inspiring approach to a lost husband that blows my mind and makes me feel so happy and hopeful inside.
//3//  another article, this one about a man and his wife - a woman plagued with a psychotic illness and how her time of sickness could have been when their marriage was the best.
//4//  lastly, a few photographs (one is pictured below) from an exhibit that just opened up at the international center of photography in new york city.  the exhibit highlights the story of richard and mildred loving, one of THE MOST AWESOME COUPLES IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  in my opinion, of course.


  1. These are fantastic! Could you post more of your references please?

    1. sure, i'll post them as i find ones i like best. the weekly "modern love" column in the style section of the new york times is always a good place to look!!