10 January 2012

of blankets belonging to one asian baby (slash, adult).

this is a blanket; a special one.  it's been around a long time.

how long?

really long.

there's a story about this blanket, and since i was too little to remember it while i was experiencing it myself, i shall tell it to you as it was told to me (almost):

once upon a time, there was a little asian baby.  she lived in a house in a neighborhood with her mom and dad.  one day in that neighborhood there was a yard sale, and her mom and dad said she could pick out one toy.  any toy that she wanted!

but then she saw the blanket.  the blanket that used to be a sleeping bag, but the zipper was broken and a sleeping bag it was no more.  just a blanket.

and oh, how she wanted that blanket!

her mom and dad were skeptical.  but what about the toys, they asked.  don't you want a toy?

no, she said.  i want this blanket.  do you see what i'm seeing right now?  there are stars and boats and hot air balloons on this wondrous piece of fabric.  it's awesome.  way more awesome than toys.  i need this blanket.

so her mom and dad paid some cents for the blanket.

the little asian baby was happy.

and she and the blanket lived happily ever after.

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