04 January 2012

maybe i need a refresher on integrity. and the definition of "college."

today i went to the b&n.  i needed to get a few things, and i got charged three dollars more for a notebook i bought.  the dumb part?  i bought three of them and after scanning the first two, the b&n guy didn't notice the price change.  cool, man!

unfortunately, i didn't realize this until i was looking at the receipt after i'd already left the bookstore.  i went to the grocery store after that, all the while thinking about whether or not to go back and get back my three dollars or not.  THREE WHOLE DOLLARS!!

and then, my checker at the store charged me for something (not sure what it was?) cheaper than the zucchini i actually bought and also one less avocado.

usually i tell the checker if they accidentally short the business they work for.

instead, i decided that the world regained its equilibrium and that i could skip home happily with my not-zucchini, two-not-three avocados and three-dollars extra notebook.

i'm sorry guys.  you're reading about a person who seriously needs a reality check in the morals department.

in other news, tomorrow equals new semester!  technically.  my only thursday asu class was cancelled, and i have another no-friday-class semester this spring.

also, my first in-person class this semester will be that ballet class.

i'm an english major.

here's to senioritis almost being cured!
postscript, letterbox:


  1. I took a ballet class about 4 years ago. It was one of the funnest things I've done as an adult. Do you need a leotard and tights? I have slippers too. Have fun!

  2. ballet shoes are the only attire requirement, and i got them today!! i'm excited!