18 January 2012

it's hero time.

i've got to say, i'm no fan of this 24/7 stressed-out life deal.

but it makes me strangely productive and that makes me happy??

yesterday i drafted two stories.  TWO!!

now before you go all crazy and start thinking oh man... that kristin?  she's sure awesome!! (because i know that's EXACTLY where your brain was going), let me just tell you... flash fiction is what i'm working with here.  so, one of the stories was two and a half pages, and the other was three-quarters of a page.

but don't bum my joy, because it's way better than most days, and i feel awesome!!  just, let me feel awesome please??

some updates on what keeps me so busy, because i know that's what you were going to ask next:

1. ballet: stinking hard.  seriously.  it was a lot easier when my body was littler (and maybe less awkward?).  but the hardness is made up for by this one guy who's in my class... it is SO funny to watch him move!!  and i'm not trying to be mean, i promise.  but he's got that awkward motion thing going on because he's used to NOT being delicate and playing sports instead.  he's great, i love it.

2. adventure fiction:  KILL ME.  i'm no literature major, and neither a fan of lit classes.

3 .food writing: fast-paced, mildly stressful, but fun!  i like it, and i think for my final portfolio i might have to start a food blog of sorts.  if i end up going the food blogging route, i'm hoping i can get away with just posting them here instead of completing a totally separate blog, but we will see.

4 .introduction to parenting: interesting.  i'm learning all kinds of strange things in this class, i'm quite surprised.  this week we're talking "gender neutralization" and this family in canada who is keeping the gender of one of their children a secret (you can read about it here)!  i kind of feel dumb though, because i had never heard of gender neutralization before this week, and i'm not sure why...??  it's not like i've been living under a rock or anything.  i have the internet, after all.

5. capstone fiction: i'd tell you, but my professor has made it clear multiple, multiple times that we are not to discuss our class sessions outside our classroom.  if you think i'm kidding, i'm not.  he really said that.  so... sorry.

6. institute: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahsuperstressfulbutalsofunbutreallystressfultooblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

7. work: i haven't even gone back to work yet this year.  and it has been sooooooo nice.

8. church: too many new people, it stresses me out!  plus, all of my teachers keep moving and getting married and i have to call new ones practically every two months.

9. thesis: i think i'm losing my hair.  i also think every day about how NOT worth it this whole seems to be anymore, but whatever.  i'm still excited for when this is all done.  because i am going to be so dang proud of it in the end.  like, i'm going to make a bumper sticker that will say i finished my AWESOME honors thesis in record time so i'm better than your honors student.  YEAH, FIST PUMP!!
picture via google

but until then, workin' like a crazy person.

it's hero time, charlie brown.


  1. This post makes me feel much better about how stressed out I am right now. The beginning of a new semester is always so horrible! Just keep swimming :)