09 January 2012

i'll have an order of ketchup. with a side of motivation, please.

i decided today that it is my life ambition to not have to have an email address.  today i opened up my computer for the first time in a few days and with great fear and dread opened up my email, which basically had a million messages for me to read.  i'm totally over email.  and a lot of other forms of technology, for that matter.  can we move on to something else?  like, is it possible to move forward, but also backwards, technologically?

anywayyyyy, today is catch-up day.

you know, because by the time it's january ninth you're just so far behind in what you've set out to do that you need a catch-up day.

a few things:

1. the first picture... see those leggings?  i wore them today, in public, with a completely normal outfit of a t-shirt and shorts and tennis shoes.  they were needed because it was dang cold this morning (40s... yell at me, okay?!?) and the shorts are on the shorter side.

can i just say that i felt absolutely ridiculous all day? i did laundry today, so i had nothing else to wear.  later in the day i went to pick up some things at wally world and the whole time i was there i felt like i qualified for a "people of walmart" photo.

2. picture two was a cheater picture for multiple reasons.  one, it's not three pictures like it should be.  two, i took it today.  three, i'm not about to explain myself as far as why this equals a "makes me smile" or "favorite" picture.  it just does!

3. picture three is kind of a lie, too.  i absolutely DO NOT use every single one of those items every single day.  it's a good morning if i start out using four of those.  but i use them all pretty consistently throughout the week, and they were already together on the counter (which i am now realizing is really ugly).  easy way out.

folks, my january is looking pretty silly right now.  technology aside, i just want to move forward as far as this semester goes.  as in, fast forward.

postscript: one time in elementary school, my teacher said that we were going to have a catch-up day and finish any art projects that still needed completion.  totally thought she said "ketchup" day.

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