03 January 2012

gee arizona, you sure are good to me.

i have returned to the land of abundant sunshine and warmth, and nothing says welcome back and happy new year! quite like 75 degrees and little brown leaves that whisper:

we know that you miss fall dearly, may we make you feel a little bit better by giving you a taste now?  it's not too late, is it?
no, my dear leaves, it is not too late.  thank you oh-so kindly.

such a glorious reception prompts the following resolution:

i will never ever ever complain about where i live.  ever.


  1. I love the absolute resolve. :)

  2. I may be tempted to remind you of this come July. And August, and September, and October.

  3. sara: thanks! :)
    kara: i know, that is when i will really be put to the test. or there's always the temptation of a four-month vacation somewhere!