09 December 2011

writer's wednesday: friday edition! part two: aimee bender.

(the talking-about-writers-who-make-my-life kind of writer's wednesday.)

well, that happened last wednesday.

and oh my heavens, it was a wonderful wednesday indeed!

at the q&a session at the piper house, i sat five feet away from aimee bender!  i was freaking out!!!  and i was super nervous, but i summed up all my courage and asked a question.  and she answered it!!!

at the reading later that night, she read a chapter from her latest novel, the particular sadness of lemon cake.  it wasn't the first chapter, but it was a chapter in the middle, which i was glad about because it's my favorite chapter of the entire book.  i like it because it can stand alone as it's own short story, i love it.  she also read a story from my favorite collection of hers (the collection is called willful creatures) about a woman who has these children who are potatoes.  doesn't that sound absolutely lovely???

i love it when aimee bender reads her work.  i've heard some podcasts of her reading and have seen some videos of her reading her work, too.  i made sure i wasn't going to tell her this because that would have made me look like a stalker, but in my head i was thinking  your voice is perfect, please be the voice i hear every time i ever read something.  please.

at the end of the night, i walked up to the table where she was signing books and i handed her every single one of her books and she signed them and drew pictures and even asked me how i spelled my name, which was great because i was so excited to see her i would have forgotten to say otherwise!!  she was so nice!!!!  yeah nice famous people!!!

yay.  my life is so awesome, and i am a happy writer.

(lots of exclamation points.)

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