09 December 2011

writer's wednesday: friday edition! part one: thesis.

(the sort-of-talking-about-writing kind of writer's wednesday.)

so um, something happened this week.  and it sort of derailed my life as it pertains to liking school and being able to cruise through finals this semester without any major stress.  to tell you this tale in its entirety would take a long time, so i will cut it short for your sake.  what you need to know is this:

on tuesday, i walked into barrett advising with the intent to withdraw from the college.  i walked out with a thesis director (basically).

yeah thesis director!!  right?  i mean, now i don't need to throw away three years of work and money!

just one problem.

i planned on giving up on the thesis-honors program thing back in september.  so, i haven't been working on what planned-thesis would have been this semester.  at all.

i also don't like how i can't get all of the stories i've written during my time here to fit together in a nice package with a nice theme and a big fancy bow.  so, i need to start almost from the ground up and write completely all-new things.


i'm three months behind.
and i basically have nothing.

can you say, panic mode?!?

fortunately, i thought really hard and really long on wednesday and came up with an outline of my entire thesis that i actually really like, and i'm very excited for my project to come together (when it does).  i also feel like i'll be able to have something to defend when that time comes, so i won't just be standing there and being all, ummm, these are my stories and i hope you like them!  no sir, i will have a point to make, and i will tell you what a story is (or try to)!

i'm also really looking forward to some discipline as far as my writing habits go.  i've kind of been in this creative funk for all of this year, and i haven't loved everything that i've written in 2011.  i'm hoping that laying down a set schedule of when to write and how much to write will help me focus and turn out better first drafts that don't make me want to die when it comes to revision time.

anyway, when defense time comes and i get a date and a location, you are invited!  no word yet on whether or not i will triumph victoriously or fail pathetically.  but either way, there is a giant fist pump or a serious meltdown viewing in your future.  super tempting, right??

being a writer is hard.

my life is so hard!

just kidding.

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